Dynavolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

We are very proud to inform you that we have reached an exclusive agreement with Dynavolt China. Ener-G Batteries will represent their brands, products and services in Europe and will act as your personal and exclusive connection to their high-quality products!

Dynavolt was established in 2001 and is a high-tech listed (Dynavolt tech, stock exchange code: 002684) enterprise in the field of new energy and energy saving technology, which develops, produces and distributes all kinds of batteries and battery applications globally.
Their battery program includes more than 700 different types, divided into several techniques and contains for instance Lead-acid batteries, Nano-Gel batteries and Lithium batteries.

Covering the following applications: Motorcycle and scooter, Automotive, Industrial ( standby & Cyclic ), Electric vehicles and Energy storage, etc.
DYNAVOLT keeps on its patents and holds a leading position in China in terms of quality maintenance, production scale and technology innovation and they are the first and only manufacturer worldwide, who has brought the “NANO-GEL technology” for maintenance-free motorcycle batteries to the market.
The company is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle batteries in the world, with an annual production of about 15 million batteries, distributed globally in over 100 countries.

Dynavolt meets the technical standards of SAE, DIN, JIS and national standard, IEC.